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Aims & Objectives of Builders Associations of India

The primary aims and objectives of The Builders Association of India are:

  • Aims of The BuildersTo promote and foster feelings of unity, co-operation and mutual help and to eliminate unhealthy competition and unfair trade practices among the contractors.

  • To encourage the trade, industry and profession of construction works and all other ancillary and allied trades and industries.

  • To advise and assist the members in technical, non-technical and legal matters.

  • To encourage adoption and promotion of correct business practices according to ethical code of correct business practices as enumerated in appendix C to the rules and regulation of the Association and maintain efficiency, dignity and integrity of the profession.

  • To set up arbitration machinery independently or jointly with other or others for settlement of dispute between members and / or members and non-members arising out of or in any way connected with or touching the trade and / or services rendered by such trade and industry.

  • To promote the science of building industry, disseminate relevant information of statistical, technical and other matters and to encourage research and progress in the trade connected with construction activity.

  • To improve and elevate the technical and general knowledge of persons engaged in or about to be engaged in the building trade or in any employment in connection therewith by arranging lectures, meetings, seminars etc.

  • To provide means for enabling persons engaged in building trade and industry and profession to take collective action in all matters concerning the dignity and interests of the building trade and industry and to initiate and assist all such action to protect and safeguard the profession of construction and such other trade connected with building materials.
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