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Builder`s Association of India (BAI)
Aims & Objectives Functions

Builder`s Association of India In 1941, Builder`s Association of India was formed on the advice of Brigadier Jackson, an Englishman, and a chief engineer, MES, Pune. This association was formed to solve and tackle various problems faced by builders. They have offices all over the country and their head office is situated in Mumbai.  It has 77 centres spread over length and breadth of the country. The organization has grown in leaps and bounds and at present, it has Patron/Lifetime Membership of 8,000 and Ordinary/Affiliated Membership of 30,000 through various Regional Associations affiliated to it. There is an addition of Membership by each day passed.  BAI, by virtue of its size, is the only True Spokesman for the Construction Industry.

The Builders Association of India (BAI) is an established and recognized construction trade association representing the construction industry in India. Under its wings are many construction companies of various and different strength, capacity, resources and track record to deliver development projects of international standards and magnitude, and now to the nitty-gritty of the organization.

Democratic elections are held every year. The President, the state level chairman and the twenty-five governing body members are elected by 31st March of every year. Various types of committees are set up to tackle different issues pertaining to the members and the building construction industry. The managing committee consists of the President, four vice presidents, one Hon. General Secretary, one Hon. Treasurer, six State Chairpersons and twenty-five members.

The general Council Managing Committee is assisted by various advisory Commissions -

  • Advisory Commission
  • Seminar, Exhibition and Training
  • Publication Commission
  • Labor and Welfare Commission
  • Contract Operations and Contract Condition Revision Commission
  • Convention Commission

There are two types of members

  1. A patron member - who pays Rs.7500 for a lifetime to become a member for life.
  2. An ordinary member - who pays Rs.600 every year.

The basic criteria to become a member is to be related to the Real Estate industry viz. Builders, Land Developers, Promoters, Contractors, Architects, Material Suppliers, Manufacturers etc. In some special cases, the credential aspect of a company, its standings, reputation etc. are also considered.

Note worthy achievements
Some of the noteworthy achievements of the BAI A.P Centre have been the establishment of National Academy of Construction (NAC) in 1998. Sri N. Chandra Babu Naidu, the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh mooted the idea. It is today is the first of its kind of Institute in the entire country. The State Government donated the land 167 acres required for the project. Contractors Executing works for the State Government have agreed to contribute 0.25% of value of contract from their running account bills, as source for establishment and running NAC. The NAC has totally eight wings. Contractors Development Institute is one of them, which is being managed by BAI, A.P Centre.

The Construction Workers Training Institute (CWTI) is the other constituent of NAC which has already started its activities by imparting training to Construction workers in the field of General Supervisor, Mason, Carpenter, Bar Bender, Plumber, Electrician etc.

Observance of builder`s day
One way of remembering the man putting a building together is through observance of the Builders Day on October 15 every year. The idea was mooted by the BAI some years ago so that not only in future but also in retrospect the contractors are remembered with gratitude.

The Builder`s Day Celebration is to focus on the person giving a concrete shape to designs on paper. For over 55 years, members of BAI have contributed enormously to the nation`s economic development by helping to produce capital assets on land. There are over 90,000 small and big contractors and builders countrywide. Off these the 10,000 members of the BAI account for major portion of about Rs.18, 000 crores value of works undertaken annually. That indicates the strength of the organization and its ability to stand up for the builder`s cause.

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