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Construction Courses
  • Post Graduate Off Campus Programmes

(2 year Programmes of studies through Distance Learning Mode (DLM), open to degree holders, offered from Pune)

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Construction Management (PDCM)

Introduction: This Programme of Studies was started in 1988 and evolved over the years, and was enriched by feedback from graduates, market response, faculty experience of running it and infusion of the dynamic changes in the construction industry.

The PDCM Programme is designed for relatively experienced executives of organizations whose mainline business is `construction in one or the other forms: clients, contractors, consultants, educators, trainers, engineers, labour leaders etc. Its focus is on working executives who expect to become project managers in construction companies or executive engineers in government system oriented organizations, and on consultants having project supervision work. This inter-disciplinary course exposes students to problems outside their own specialized fields, broadens their perspective of multi-functional aspects of construction business, contract management and related subjects, and equips them with the knowledge and skills to exercise higher managerial responsibilities successfully.

The Programme is structured in a manner that is suitable for students holding full time jobs, have only a limited time for study, carry uneven workload and are transferred from one project to another frequently.

Objective: The core objective of this course is to enable a student to train himself to become a project manager/construction manager/chief executive of a medium size construction firm.

Toward that end:

  • To develop the understanding, skills and competencies necessary for the effective management of projects and cost control of construction operations.
  • To enhance skills in business analysis, information technology, financial packaging and people management.
  • To internalize management qualities essential for effective leadership in a multi-disciplinary team.
  • To acquire an integrated view of corporate strategies and business decisions.

Duration: The Programme duration is 24 months. It is divided in 4 Terms, each term is of 6 months. Extension of the duration for completion of studies is normally not allowed.

Eligibility: Any of the following qualifications

  1. Graduate degree in any branch of Engineering, Architecture, Town Planning, Building Sciences from a recognized University in India. Graduate degree from a non-Indian university should be acceptable in Britain. OR, 

  2. MBA/M.Com, Chartered Accountants with 2 years experience of work in a construction firm. OR, 

  3. Graduate Diploma in Project Management (GDPM) of NICMAR 

  4. Three years post-12th Standard or A level may first enrol for GDPM, qualify and then apply for PDCM. 

  5. Non-graduate candidates who are in construction business and are company sponsored will also be considered on merit.

Fees & Payment Schedule

  • For Indian Nationals resident in India
    The total fees payable is Rs. 50,000 plus a refundable deposit of Rs. 5,000. The deposit is refunded only on successful completion of the course for which admission is granted.

  • For NRI and Foreign Students
    The total fee for the entire course for NRI and foreign students is US$ 1000. It is payable in three installments:
  1. At the time of admission US$ 500 
  2. At the start of 2nd Term US$ 300 (beginning of 7th month)
  3. At the start of 3rd Term US$ 200 (beginning of 14th month).
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