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Low Rise Buildings

Low rise buildingsA low-rise building is defined as any occupiable building, which is divided at regular intervals into occupiable levels, which is lower than a high-rise. To be considered a low-rise building an edifice must be based on solid ground, and fabricated along its full height through deliberate processes (as opposed to naturally-occurring formations) and have at least one floor above ground. An individual building in this category is generally defined as one with connected interior spaces. Any low-rise building with more than one disconnected interior space may only count as a single building if it was built as a single unit and if the separate parts form an architecturally integral whole. On the other hand, it is possible to consider a house with connected interior spaces as more than one building if the different parts are not intended to form a single development and do not form an architecturally integral whole.

Low-rise buildings are generally considered for inclusion in the database when they meet one of the following criteria:

  • Buildings associated with major architects or other major building companies.
  • Buildings, which are especially prominent because of their size or position.
  • Any buildings housing commercial uses.
  • Buildings added at the request of a company.
  • Buildings of significant historical or architectural interest.

Low rise residential buildings
Low-rise residential buildings include the smallest buildings produced in large quantities. It Shall mean a building up to the height of 16.50 meters & having a ground floor plus four floors. However hollow plinth up to 2.8mts & a parapet on terrace up to 1.5mts shall not be counted. Single-family detached houses, for example, are in the walk-up range of one to three stories and typically meet their users needs with about 90 to 180 square meters (about 1,000 to 2,000 square feet) of enclosed floor space. Other examples include the urban row house and walk-up apartment buildings.

Low-rise commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings
The size of buildings in the commercial, institutional, and industrial market segment ranges from a few hundred to as much as 45,000 square meters (500,000 square feet). All of these buildings have public access and exit requirements, although their populations may differ considerably in density. The unit costs are generally higher than those for dwellings are.

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