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Construction Associations and Councils in India
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Construction Associations
Construction AssociationsConstruction Industry plays a major role in the economic growth of a nation and occupies a pivotal position in the nations development plans. Indias construction industry employs a work force of nearly 32 million and its market size is worth about Rs. 2,48,000 crores. It is the second largest contributor to the GDP after the agricultural sector. Also Construction sector is viewed as a service industry. It generates substantial employment and provides growth impetus to other manufacturing sectors like cement, bitumen, iron and steel, chemicals, bricks, paints, tiles etc. whose combined value is Rs.1,92,000 crores annually.

However it goes without mentioning that along with the progress graph the challenges axis also went up. So in order to ensure smooth and unbiased working it became necessary to set a supervisory body to look in to the concerned matters.

Hence to harmonize the efforts of various segments of the industry various construction bodies, construction agencies, central and state government units and consultants setup certain organisations and associations to achieve shared goals.
Here are mentioned some of the associations which spin the wheels of the construction set-up. Try the links mentioned beneath to explore about them in details.

  • National Buildings Construction Corporation limited. (NBCC.)  
  • Construction Industry Development Council. (CIDC.)
  • The Builders Association. | Home | Sitemap | Contact Us