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Construction Management
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Construction ManagementConstruction Management is the study of the managerial and technological aspects of the commercial and residential industry. A blend of management and engineering focusing on the construction industry, it emphasizes areas such as time, cost, methods and techniques, materials, equipment, people, conflict, and financial issues. Also while analyzing construction management we just cannot miss out on the institute that pioneered in construction management studies, which is National Institute of Construction Management.

Also Construction management is the turnkey process of coordinating and managing the entire process from the site survey until commissioning is complete. It involves the selection and management of the installation contractors and the process. If at-risk construction management services are rendered, an actual bid is given at the end of site evaluation. Otherwise, the budget is refined as details of the design are developed.

However to understand the concept of construction management we need to be acquainted with the people who manage the construction work.

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