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Green building market scenario
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Green ConstructionToday more than 80 % of human life is spent in the concrete jungle, either in homes, offices, restaurants, or theatres. We are gripped by the cements clutters every where we go. May be this is the reason for the increasing progress rate of this industry. The construction industry is gaining momentum every passing day. Every going day we see new improvements in the field. Every day we read and hear about new construction ventures promising a dream house, or ideal office or showroom set up with utmost luxury and comfort, screaming through full-page colour advertisement in the nations leading news-drops or through big hoardings hung around the costliest pass away of the street or merely through the mouth-publicity by the known and the trusted ones.

The latest in the list is the eco-friendly construction, popularly and subjectively known as green building construction.

It was not very far when this specialism of the construction industry stepped in the Indian markets, but today it crossed miles in terms of growth and profit. So much that the green building market in India is set to touch Rs. 750 crores by 2006. This would give a boost to the construction industry and manufacturers of green products (non-toxic paints, wood from sustainable forestry, flays bricks, recyclable and non-toxic carpets etc).

This growing industry claims an estimated overall investment 1000 million US$ annually. Indias construction industry is growing at 9.2 percent / year (World average 5.5 percent) and contributes to 10 percent of GDP and the Estimated potential worth of green building market is US$4,000 million by 2010.

Also as the Building sector is the third largest consumer of energy and Energy consumption is expected to grow at rate of 4.3 percent (exceeds 1.3 percent population growth rate), but Green buildings have a upper hand in this, which becomes clear with the stating that it has the potential to save 30-40 percent energy.

Also IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) has assured that by 2100, there will be about Rs. 1,800 crore worth of Green Buildings. Hence it has demanded from the governing bodies that it should be mandatory for buildings above 20,000 square feet to incorporate minimum green features. It also sought incentives such as reduction in property tax and lower water and electricity tariffs for buildings that are Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design- (LEED) certified.

Also that at the State level, the Urban Development authorities should come out with prescriptive green measures for different varieties of buildings such as commercial, residential flats and individual houses. Their demand even comprise that, insurance companies should reduce premium on green buildings, as they are less prone to risks. If these demands are able to gain ground then it is unmentionable that there will be a definite boom in the green market across the country.

The savings in terms of energy, water & the resources avail in green buildings.
Energy saving is different from building to building, site to site and the kind of facility available. If we look at the four certified Green Buildings in India, the energy saving, which is in terms of HVAC system, lightning system etc., vary from 30 to 35 per cent; and about water the savings vary from 35 to 40 per cent, which is far better than any modern building. So Green Building offers a range of economic and environmental benefits such as:

  • 30 to 40 per cent reduction in operation cost.
  • Green corporate image.
  • Healthy and safety of building occupants.
  • Enhances occupants comfort.
  • Improves productivity of occupants.
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